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The basics.

1. Think of the piece you want. How would you describe the story as a writer? How do you want it read? What does it feel like? What is your take? What is your voice?

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2. Choose your words carefully. It’s crucial to keep your thoughts as clear as possible, but in order to create the most impact, you need to be as precise as possible. The key to editing is keeping yourself on guard.

3. Think carefully about who/what you’re going to edit. When you’re editing, think of a story you want to tell — a new story you want to tell. Write it down. Then, choose a story that is a good fit.

When you do this correctly, the word “edit” takes on new meaning! This doesn’t mean “fix.” No one could fix every word we’ve used in this post, but it does mean we can fix our decisions.

4. Go to work. This may look intimidating and intimidating, but there is nothing more empowering than being empowered. And this is a powerful place to be! This is your time to do whatever it is you want. I promise you that if you’re honest and your heart’s in the right place you will feel empowered in the editing room.

5. Watch as others edit. This will allow you to see what other people are doing; what they’re doing right and wrong. Watch as they do their job.

6. If it isn’t what you want, consider it. If your story or idea doesn’t match with theirs, consider it. If you think it doesn’t fit with what other people would call a story, consider it. (But be honest!)

7. Move on. You may find your answer somewhere in editing.

Have you ever found yourself going through an editing process and realizing that you are actually editing the story and not the writing?

When it happens, we call it “sitting the book in the oven” (see my ebook – How to Set Up a Self-Publishing Book Review & Audition). Once you sit down and think about it, that realization doesn’t take long. You might feel an urge to go back to the drawing board, but before you do, you need to give yourself time to reflect on what happened. What do you regret?

I’m afraid you’ll be like me and spend all of those precious editing hours watching “the book

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