What does editing include? – Online Image Hosting Websites

There are no set rules, so you are free to play what you want!

How can I edit?

Just click the edit button at anytime to start editing text or pictures.

What can I not edit?

Naming things

Artificial Inanimate Objects

Sci-fi, fantasy, or anything else not covered in the rules!

If you need to be more specific with “What can’t I edit?” feel free to ask!


Hello! My name is Matthew Lohrer and I am the Executive Director of the Seattle International Film Festival and I’m on a mission to make a better film festival this year!

What it Takes to Make a Great Film Festival

To make a great film festival, it’s a good thing how much time people put into this process. The film is what is on the screen for people to see before they spend their days working, going to the bar, or drinking a beer. That being said this process should not become a chore as much as a goal.

That means making sure the festival is run well, that the films are showcased as well as possible, and that everyone has fun. We need the help of you!

We need sponsors, donors, and people to help us to spread the word and spread the love to others!

That brings me to the good news….

What you’re About To See…

In addition to the big screen screenings and panels it’ll be a great opportunity to have a number of small silent screenings. Most people think of movies during the summer at the movies, but the big- screen films are a different story and they should be shown to you! These are people-centric films. They are stories about people’s lives that are all about a story. They are not the “starring roles” in a Hollywood screenplay. These stories should get people excited and excited just like anything else. Many of them are going to be intimate and intimate moments with your face right against the screen.

In addition to the big screen screenings and panels, we’ll be hosting some smaller silent screenings and panel discussions. These are personal stories that only you can hear. We will also be doing a number of these films that you can learn more about or meet up with friends to enjoy!

We want to make our festival a fun event that can give you the experience of having been to a film screening while you got your drink on. As one

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