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If you are already familiar with any of the above I suggest to check out this section:

How Photoshop’s “Create an Appointment” and “Create an Image” Work

How to Use Image Editing Tools

There are few tools that you should be using when editing your images, and this is why we use this series of tutorials.

There’s a lot of time you are taking to edit images, so be sure to make enough time as it is crucial to make the process as painless as possible.

So to make you more productive, we’ve created five basic photography editing steps for each type of image, so you know exactly what is going on:

Step 1: Download and Install Photoshop

Download and install Photoshop Free – this is the most recommended free software for editing photos, and it’s included with everything we cover in this series.

Step 2: Change the Background of all the Photos to White

Let’s start by clicking the white circle at the bottom of the page. This will bring you to a blank canvas, and will give you permission to adjust the background in Photoshop’s Adjustments Panel.

Go ahead and click the + icon.

This opens the Adjustment Panel again. Adjustments can range from the basic Blur to applying color to every pixel. For now, we want to make the background white so that we won’t have any red, yellow, green, blue or purple areas on our image.

As you can see above, I’ve set the background to white so that none of the images will have any red, yellow, green, blue or purple areas (all colours that cause red, yellow, green, blue or purple to appear on your computer screen when it is used without white). You’ll also have all the other colors taken care of, so everything will be looking almost flawless.

To save you the time in adjusting each image by hand, the Adjustments Panel in Photoshop is very powerful, and will create adjustments right in front of you, rather than taking you all the time to go through all the steps (and a lot of the other Photoshop tutorials will do that to you).

The next step we’re going to take is to change the size of all the images, so we have a large space for them all to occupy. In Photoshop we call that the ‘Layer’ Tool, and we can make the image small and tight or very large to fill our screen!

Click the + icon again

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