What is purpose of editing? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Painterly Effect Definition

When you edit the site, you will do much more than create a place for users to read. That’s because you will edit the content. You can:

Create new content

Update existing content

Modify existing content

Sell advertising space

Make existing content “more relevant”

Replace old content with new

Include links to new content

Remove old content

Add more information

Delete old content

Add new content

Update the front page

The editing page is meant to be a place where users, whether friends, acquaintances, business associates, or simply someone needing help with something can post an item. It is a place where they can discuss the topic of discussion—something that will be interesting to them. They can write a message or answer a question that has been on the table for some time. A new item can be created or an existing item can be modified, or a topic can be discussed in an effort to broaden the conversation.

If you want to be creative with your editing, then you need to have the right tools at hand. To create new content:

1. Create your first editor piece by going to User > Add Content

2. Create three columns: Featured Content, New Content, and Archive. The Featured Content column will tell users whether the post they are adding to this page is about them, and the archive will make it extremely easy to find the post that the user is currently editing. You won’t always use the same topic, but the posts that users want to see can be linked to at the bottom of the editing screen

3. Click the Create button

4. Enter a Name and a Title into the Add Content field

5. Enter what type of content you would like to create and what the tag you will use is as well. In this case I am creating a post about SEO.

6. Click the Submit button

Now let’s try creating an individual post and checking the Archive field. My next step is to select the Edit button. This will select the previous post and then create a new post using that text on the old post.

7. Select the Edit button

8. Enter a Title, a Description, and a Post Number in the field for a Post Number (this field is automatically created for me, so don’t worry about it).

9. Click the Submit button

10. Now let’s try

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