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Photo editing is an art. You can’t teach that to someone who isn’t a painter, dancer, or musician. You have to show them how to take good photographs, and how to combine those photographs to make great art.

What are Photo Techniques?

The following are tools that are used for editing photographs. If you want to learn more about a specific technique, click the “Learn more here” button for each image.

Image Editing Techniques

The following are examples of the different tools. Click on the icon to the right to read more about it.

Image Editor

Image manipulation software like Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects, and others

Image Editing Tool (Tilt-Shift)

Can move images and rotate them (also called tilting)

Can delete images and remove text

Can duplicate an image or cut image

Can rotate the same image with a different aspect ratio

Image Trim

A tool that will remove unwanted background elements

Can remove text from the image

Image Color Management

A tool to change the background color of an image

Can add or remove colors

Image Retouching

To remove background artifacts from an image

Add or remove artifacts

Adjust white balance to remove black halos

Add or remove light leaks

Image Adjustment

A tool to add or remove sharpening

Adjust exposure, contrast, noise, sharpness, and saturation

Add or remove highlights and shadows

Adjust saturation and hue to bring out natural colors

Image Adjustments

Tools for moving images and resizing them

Can reduce the size of an image without moving any details (for example: blacking out the black outline around a subject)

Can increase the size of an image without cutting details (for example: removing black outlines around a subject)

Resize an image to any size that you need without changing the shape of the image

How to edit and resize photographs from Photoshop and other programs

When you edit a photograph, you have three elements: a source file, a target file, and an edited image. Each of these two pieces can be edited independently.

The first step is to open the source file and import it into photoshop or other editing software.

Open the photograph and make sure that the main image is on your image list. Then right-click on an area of the image and click

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