What program can edit raw photos?

What programs can read raw photos? What programs can create a PNG image? Where can I find programs that can edit a raw image? If I want to edit a RAW file, how do I do so? I want to edit a RAW file in Adobe Photoshop, how do I do what we say you need to do? What do I need to know before I go through this whole process? How can I create a PNG image? What’s the deal with the color image in PNGs? How can I create a JPEG image? I need to edit in Photoshop, how will I know what to edit? Where can I find programs that will create JPEG images? Where can I find RAW images?
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These questions can be difficult to answer to the extent to which they need to be answered. One can ask: “Why is it that in every single program I’ve searched for, I’ve found programs that don’t edit RAW or JPEG images?” One can ask: “Why must I learn to convert raw files if I don’t want to edit them? What happens when I run out of memory or computer disk space? Does the program crash, or the program’s operating system crashes? What if I don’t want to edit some RAW/JPEG files? What about files that you want to save but not others? I’d really like to know.” One could also ask: “Why are there so many different formats of RAW files?”

Another way to approach this problem is to ask: “Are all these different file formats really necessary or are they a hindrance and have been historically caused by various programs’ inability to edit files?” One could ask: “Are you talking about RAW files and JPEG files?” One might ask: “Are we talking about RAW and JPEG images that I want to do something with?” One could ask: “How can I find a program to edit RAW files? This program is not yet available for Unix.” One could ask: “Is it an open source program? Does a free one have been published?” One could ask: “Is RAW or JPEG image format really the only way to do things?” Finally, one could ask: “Does my computer have memory? What happens if it runs out of memory while it’s editing files?”

Of course, one might have a legitimate concern about doing anything at all with JPEG images. One could ask: “Is there some software you believe to be free that can edit RAW files (or other formats)? If so, where can I find them?” One