Which free photo editing software is best for beginners? – Learn Photo Editing In Laptop

We asked over 50 of our favorite photographers and computer professionals what they think of these popular photo editing packages: Apple Photography, Adobe Camera RAW, Nikon Focus, Polaroid Photosmart, Lightroom, Photoshop and even our trusted colleague, Photoshop Photo Effects.

To make this a real Q&A, read on for answers.



Macro can be very useful and very affordable

Pros: Macro is a perfect free photo editing tool, you simply download a free license and there’s no cost. The only downside is that is comes with a few restrictions. As most popular photo editing app, but also a good choice for those who prefer a more professional workflow.

Cons: Macro is a little more difficult to configure than most other photo editing applications, and also costs more dollars than other photo editing software. Also comes with a couple of limitations.
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Lightroom will do your photography for you

Pros: Lightroom is a free, easy-to-use, easy to remember photo editing application, you download an account and you have to take some simple steps which can save you from spending hours working on a photo.

Cons: Lightroom comes with a few restrictions, like you have to use manual mode (you cannot edit in RAW), and it isn’t as convenient as most other photo editing software, but is very flexible.

Nikon Focus

Nikon Focus is a great beginner’s photo editing application

Pros: Nikon Focus is a great image editing software which you will find it easy to use and works almost like Adobe Camera RAW. With Nikon focus, you can just upload your shots, start taking photos, edit, and upload new ones.

Cons: Incompatibilities with other photo editing apps like Nikon focus, but all other photo editing applications you will find works. You can also use the software to do some image processing (like image enhancement), but this is another topic that comes into a different article.

Adobe Camera RAW

Adobe Camera RAW is a great free photo editing application for Photoshop

Pros: Adobe Camera RAW is a photo editing application that can take professional-looking images and convert them into a professional-looking jpeg or bmp image in your computer.

Cons: Adobe Camera RAW doesn’t require a license to use, and is a great photo editing software. Because it comes with some limitations (like RAW only works in Adobe Camera RAW), a free

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