Are Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett dating?

A spokesman for Prince said on Tuesday that the pop star and model were still “in the same place of love and happiness,” and added that the pop star and Bennett had just discussed “coming back together.”

But Bennett had a different explanation when he spoke on the phone to PEOPLE Monday.

“There were different interpretations that took place,” Bennett said. “I’d say it was a positive moment.”

Prince and Ariana Grande are still in the same place of love and happiness. @PrinceADiamonds is very happy for them! #WeAreTheGoodGuys 🇺🇸— Matt Bennett (@matt_bennett) November 4, 2017

Bennett added that the couple “have talked about coming back together” and said they may not have been “officially engaged” in recent months. Bennett said that his friend told him the idea to get engaged happened after the Super Bowl in February.

While Prince is currently away on tour, “I think the world saw his personality again,” Bennett told PEOPLE, adding that Prince made “a positive impact on so many people.”

“I’m sure we’ll be friends again. I never thought we would last this long.”

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