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WOLFBLADE: Yeah, they’ve got a lot of that, some of it is because they’re siblings. I think they really bonded and formed a friendship and sort of developed a real connection and respect for the other as well. They sort of became just great friends, I would say.

Can you describe the writing process for the series and the character development?

WOLFBLADE: I think it was very much the same process. I think it was really, really exciting for me to go back and re-find these characters because so much was really ripped right from my head. There was an enormous amount of writing that went into it that I’ve definitely never done before and I’d like to do again, but there’s also a lot of it in there that had to be re-worked that I think was really fun to do. I think that once you find people who are the same level, you can just do that with almost any character, except maybe the X-Men.
1939 ROGERS ' NOVELTY ACT Unicycle Juggler Ventriloquist Comedy ...

With this series, you’ve been able to capture a bit of that iconic feeling of the original X-Men books and create a similar world with a slightly different feel. What are some of the challenges of doing this world in its own universe as opposed to just being a continuation of Cyclops and Jean Grey’s story, even though that’s what the X-Men comics are?

WOLFBLADE: Yeah, that comes into play very, very early on. Obviously, the main thing I wanted from the start with the book was to have it be a world and the book be accessible to everyone but still have this huge core that had to be developed into something special. I also always wanted people to be able to find their place in this world but still feel like they were part of something big and that there was an epic quality to it all. That was kind of the challenge.

How much time did you spend in development, and did other projects like Marvel’s X-Men line and the animated films you produce at Disney influence your writing this book?

WOLFBLADE: It was a pretty long process, a pretty big effort, but the first six issues or so actually sort of came together pretty quickly and that was about it. I think it was more about writing the book for each character I wanted to bring in and figuring out how I could best structure it in the pages without killing it. You’ve really got to have a lot of faith in

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