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There’s no question that one of the things that we did in the first film is put a lot of the drama and the stakes in a place that people could connect with. To give the audience a little more reason to come along on the ride as Robbie, and not just a little more reason for the audience to feel bad for Cat, too. Robbie isn’t going to be doing anything that Cat can’t get through, she is just not going to be able. Cat has been the one who has been in danger of being hurt too many times too soon, and it’s not enough, so she is going to have to do something about it.

Why is it important for both characters to see each other again?

They go through their own personal struggles, and the things that we have found in the past are kind of the core of where it all began, really. A lot of our early ideas for the film had to do with how they were both feeling and how their emotions were working on a daily basis. You can feel what they’re feeling, as much as you can feel Cat’s. You can also understand why they’re feeling certain emotions, because that’s why it makes sense.

The first movie wasn’t like a typical superhero movie, and the second movie didn’t look like a typical superhero movie. Could we see more superhero movies in the future, more that take that idea of the emotional arc?

Absolutely. I’m a big believer in letting the audience experience a movie first and then let us set up the story, just so they can imagine the movie. That’s what we’ve really tried to do with this film. We have a couple ideas for sequels, but they will be about the emotional arc and the things that drive their motivations and actions and decisions. You see the film as a whole through their eyes. I want to see that for sure.

We have a scene during the closing credits which has a beautiful shot of them together on the beach, and Robbie looks so relaxed, as if he’s just had breakfast, and Cat looks exhausted — almost in a daze — just looking out at the ocean. Will there be more scenes like that in the future?

We want to continue to do them, but we want to keep them to just one scene. I feel it’s important to let the audience experience those moments, and what’s the point of doing one story if we can’t actually experience them? You know, that can be a lot of fun

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