Does Rex dies victorious?

If you answer “yes” to both questions, you are wrong! There’s no way Rex dies victorious – no matter what he does.

This game is one of the most frustrating video games I’ve ever played. I’m not just talking about the fact that it’s frustrating as hell; I’m talking about that it’s so unfair. If you’ve ever wondered how a team can lose a game because its star is getting injured and they lose their superstar, this game is a real treat. There’s so much going on that I can’t even put it into words. The game feels like you’re in a roller coaster ride. What do you get when you add an entire team full of characters with special powers that allow them to do a whole lot more than you ever expected? The worst possible ending in the world.

I can’t even even describe how disappointing this game must feel. I have no idea if the creators intentionally made it that way, or if it’s just a matter of taste or what, but when I pick up this game the minute I hit play, I feel like I just spent 5 minutes in a car crash. I feel like you’re in the car with someone who is having a bad day and you drive them off a cliff. I can’t help but pity these characters because I know they’ve had worse days. These are people who have lived through the worst of times. Their loss of character and the way it’s being handled is so unfair – it really has me thinking about the death penalty in real life. I can’t help but wonder how bad it’d have to be for a game to have this much unfairness to force me to feel so bad for a character. I don’t know how hard this game must be for the people who made the game, but it has to be really, really difficult. It’s not fair at all. There’s a reason why this game is such a commercial hit. People love to talk about the bad things that happen in video games; people love to talk about violence and how it ruins video games for the people who love them. But there’s a better way. How this game was made could have been a very intelligent way to create a game that people actually enjoy. I could easily see a game with this ending where Rex is alive and doing what he does best: fighting evil. He was a villain and everyone was on his side! He was an unstoppable force and everyone agreed! It’s just ridiculous that people couldn’t see why it was