How can I throw more accurately? – Ventriloquist Mouth Position

First you should check the accuracy of your throw. This is generally done by either reading a throw log or reviewing the notes in the throw log.

Read the throw log:

You can find details from every throw in your throw log by selecting the field you want to track. Click on the “Fields” tab and a field will appear. The accuracy of the throw will be listed there as well as the distance and the shot type. You can also search for a specific throw.

You can click that field to open up a field and see details of the specific throw from that field.

I missed a call? What do I do now?
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Check your accuracy by making multiple throws of the same shot type and distance. A missed call simply means that you missed a throw. For example, if you throw a disc from 3 feet away, you are not technically out of bounds if you catch it on the back of the cup or not. If you throw from 9 inches you are out because that is the maximum distance on the disc that you can throw without being out of bounds. A missed call may be due to an error you made in your throwing, a wind error, or poor vision. For example, when you throw at the end of a windy day your vision may be poor, and it may be a difficult throw to make. If that is the case try out different throws or make a replay later. This is just to be sure you caught the throw correctly.

What should I do when I hit a wall and I can’t throw the disc?

First check to see if you are out of bounds by checking the distance of your disc in yards when you hit the wall. If it is not the wall cannot be thrown. Once you know you can’t throw the wall use your throw log to make more throws to the area, and try to catch the disc again. See below for specific throws.

What should I do if I am still on the court but I can’t throw the disc?

If you are no longer on the court and can no longer make throws then please get help from a team mate who can throw the disc. Please call us at 402.749.2600.

How do I find a team or league to get pointers?

If you would like to try out for a team, ask your coach or other member of the team if there is an open field or a player that has the ability to throw

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