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When I started teaching ventriloquism in 2000, I always made a distinction in my videos and in emails between my “previews” (how I teach) and my “real” lessons (how I get people to use the tool). But by the early 1990s, much of the video material that didn’t go over well in the previews was slowly filtered out. I was making sure to make as few mistakes as possible, making sure that any mistakes were only technical (there were no exceptions at this point). This helped the lessons to sound great as they were always being filtered out so that my fans could hear exactly what I was talking about.

This is important in the case of my books. I don’t usually write out a lot of material that I do later on, and in fact there was a lot of material that was written out later that went over the head of the readers. To keep it short, to make sure that people could hear exactly what I was saying, I have always made the lessons easy to read and simple to use. There will be people out there who don’t think so, but I’d encourage you to read my entire books (with the bonus video files) if you want to hear me tell I was very wrong on just about every detail.

So, it makes sense that you would probably see a number of videos where I just put a few of my favorite words that everyone needs to know in the lessons. These videos usually go on for about 45 minutes, and can be viewed on youtube, but they will be uploaded to my site a couple days before each one is published (which was a lot back then). I tend to only have one video up a day in my entire site (the “how to use the flamethrower” video), and then a few smaller bits here and there, such as explaining why not to hit your head against the table. I never put my real notes in the videos, so you would never know what I was saying unless you watched the videos with the audio. The way I do it now is that you should always have the audio on during the lectures, so you can actually hear what I say if you want to. So if I say, “Do not hit the table!” then you should hear it for free just by using your ear and your fingers… you can see in my videos the audio track, and it’s always the audio track you hear first. I just want you to be able to hear what I actually

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