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They don’t. But they might just talk to each other about their work. Ventriloquists are well trained to be able to distinguish between different types and levels of truth, and they use it for communication instead of the other way around.

It is easy to confuse truth with truthfulness, which is why it is so hard to know which of the two is correct. But just because something is truthful, doesn’t make it true. In science, that “truth” generally describes the laws of nature, not facts. Just because someone says something is true, it does not mean it’s true.

So what happens when someone tries to tell you something is false? It means you must accept the new information. It might seem like you’ve been tricked into believing a lie. But the truth is that the new information will change how you interpret the old experience.

This might seem counter-intuitive. But ventriloquists who study truth claim that what is false is not the experiences that people have, but the ways we think people have lived (and therefore think the experiences have been true). When you change to accepting new information, you don’t change what you think is true.

For example, it could be that some people who study truth have the belief that there is no God, that other scientists believe in God, and so on. We are not born believing in God, so this cannot change our understanding of God.
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What changes when you change your belief about truth is not what was true before. What changes when you change beliefs in truth, is that your understanding of yourself changes.

The same might be happening when you think other people live their lives as you would have lived them. If you believe that, that means you are not as concerned with fairness.

And you can think both ways. If you truly believe that, you don’t care if someone is a fraud or a fraud himself. It’s just that you don’t care much for your own experience. Maybe it is true that in some ways, you would have lived differently if you had been cheated (for example, you could not say things to your friends that they would not believe).

This might sound confusing. But the key is that you are not being fooled. You are being taught about the nature of truth. You are still able to differentiate between the two, because you have been taught, via a program, to distinguish between the two. But the way you are learning about the truth

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