How do you make a dummy?

Do you put a bowl of sugar and a couple of dabs of peppermint tea at the top? How are you supposed to get the scent into your lungs?

I guess we’ll find out.

I just have a theory …

In a previous life, if I was going to die, I thought I could live in a vacuum. In a vacuum, I would have no friends and no family. All I’d have is the ghost and whatever evil spirits dwelled in this world. No sense having an extra body to interact with.

The moment of truth? I’m going to go back to that void and see what happens.

It was an exciting day for the Detroit Lions this offseason. On March 2nd the Lions picked up the fifth overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, a high-risk, high-reward pick in a year that featured plenty of turnover on the roster.

After being on the outside looking in for a large portion of the season, it was a great feeling to make a splash in the draft and land a franchise quarterback for the future. The Lions have a history with franchise quarterbacks. In fact, the Lions lost all three franchise quarterback’s of the last four drafts, so it is obvious why the Lions were so excited.

As a team we’re still looking forward. This season was definitely not a disaster by any means, but we still have a lot of work to do. The team can win a lot of games and still get better, but we know this year was certainly a learning process that needs to be ironed out for years to come. We’ll be putting a lot of pressure on our players to produce and we’ll see how that goes.

This is my take on a week 7 NFL week 7 article. I’ve broken each team down into 3 key sections: offense, defense and special teams. The next article will cover the Vikings where I’ll have some specific notes on every player.


I’m excited to get a better idea as to how our offense will be used in 2017. With the talent on the offensive side we may have two or three explosive players along with a quarterback who can take off in the NFL. Last year we brought the best and brightest to the field and played up to our potential to win a lot of games. This season we should expect to be more patient.

Offensive Line – Injuries took an enormous toll on our O-line throughout the season last year.