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The only way you would do that would be to create one yourself. You would put the puppet in a place to be puppeted, and then you could make puppets of it. With all the puppets you made, with all the people you made, with all the stories that you made, you would create what you liked the most in that puppet, and create more puppets out of that. So, if you knew how best to make puppet, it just wouldn’t feel the way the book described. That’s the only way that could happen.

You just said you don’t know whether you’d like something based on its content or its description alone. How does that work for the novel?

No, I never know whether or not something will have content. When you make a book, you do that to you. You make a book to read, but you make it for yourself, so that’s your content. With a novel, because it’s fiction, you have to have a certain amount of story line. If it just doesn’t seem right, you can change it. With a novel, people will expect you to give them things that are true to the text.

One of the most interesting things about your book is how the author of that novel, Mark Lawrence, is very different than Mark Lawrence.

I think Mark Lawrence was more of the same. I didn’t read his novel much. I read his short stories, but what I thought was his novel, I read a lot about, but I read it as a reader. When I read something about it I was reading about it as a reader, and it really didn’t matter much who wrote the story or who did the writing. For us, it wasn’t like that. It was kind of a combination of things. I remember that when we were still writing, and we were writing this kind of nonfiction book, we went to a library and picked up some books. One is about a man who loses his wife and becomes an alcoholic, and the other one is written by a man who is still in love with his wife, and the two of them go on long hikes. One of the books we happened upon was the book by Mark Lawrence about a couple that is traveling together. And those books were great, because those were the books that were going to make the book. The one book that we put forward to the publisher was really the first book that we went to the library to check out and I just remembered

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