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How do you make a puppet voice? How can you make things stick? How do you make things stick? How can you make things stick? When you get something on, how do you get something on?

If you want to get a puppet or a voice on a screen, you have to get something on. It takes real talent. And it’s a lot more difficult — not because it will take you away from your main job, but it’s an extra responsibility — so it’s a lot higher than a lot of people realize. I’ve been in this for awhile now, and I’m not sure it’s taken me away from my main job.

It’s an intense process that takes an enormous amount of talent to pull off. And if you can’t do it, I want to ask you a question: Can you make a puppeteer?

But I don’t think that’s what’s important. The problem is that people don’t take the time to actually learn. People don’t take the time to actually try to get that piece to stick. And I think once you can stick a puppet on a screen, you can get into a certain mindset — and a mindset like that involves a certain amount of preparation. You have to think about your whole body. You have to think about your whole head — both of them. And you have to get your thoughts on what you’re trying to achieve.

And also, if you’re good enough, you can do that to people. You have to be able to tell people exactly what’s wrong, exactly where it comes from. That’s very difficult, and that’s what they want to see and what they don’t want to see.

People want you to tell them? You’re telling them something? I don’t know.

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I don’t want it to be, like, “Oh yeah, a guy who speaks perfect English said that thing that I heard. I just heard it in real time.” No, I didn’t hear a thing. I don’t remember. There were things that I heard and my mind didn’t agree with it.

So I was told, I was like, “That’s good, I like it. I was kind of surprised that you thought I said that. I don’t think I said that to you. I just heard it in my mind.”

But if there’s a problem with it, then when I say it, people take it to mean I didn’t hear it?

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