How do you make a puppet voice?

When you want a specific tone, or you want a different size or sound, you do this.

First off, when you click and drag your slider on the SoundCloud page, the audio plays by default. As soon as you choose a new audio track — or choose a different audio track — it plays in the browser as well. So you just click the “Play” button at the top of the page.

If you want a more powerful sound than the default. This is how.

To see the new sound, click and drag the slider. Next, you’ll be presented with a dialog box.

In the first dialog box, click the “Select audio track” button. You can also click and drag between audio tracks, if you want. Then use the second dialog box with the “Change file extension” option.

The next thing you do is to choose the directory of the new audio file. A sub-directory called “mywebapp” will be created in your directory. This is what you want later on.

On the right, you’ll need to choose the type of audio file you want to play. I just used a random file for this. If you want to be able to hear your song or music, you can choose the audio file which is played.

I’ve chosen a very simple one now. When we next save it on SoundCloud, it’ll automatically be tagged with “webapp.ogg.” If your site already uses webapp.ogg, you aren’t going to need that.

Click Save.

You’re now done.

Create an asset

This can only be done from our webapp application on the website. You can’t make this for all of your assets though. It is just for the webapp.

Now go back to your MyWebApp page and create an asset. You can do this by clicking the button at the top of the page.
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Once again, click the “Load assets” button.

In the next window, choose something like “Web App Media.”

In the top left corner, click the button to select the “Web-App Assets” and click the “+” button.

Now the “Web App Assets” will be the last option in the box. In this case, it is the “Web App Audio.” We’re going to import a whole set of them. We’ll import only one of these assets here because it is only