How do you make a puppet?

We have many different materials that go into creating your puppet, so here we will go through them.

Screws and Bolts

We have screw and bolts available to us that will be used on your puppet, the size and style of these will depend on your needs.

These screw and bolt are cheap enough that you will be able to spend less and get the same out of your puppet. You will be able to use them to hold the feet inside the puppet, or to remove the puppet if it needs to be trimmed for another event.

We would recommend at least a 6mm, 10mm, or 14mm nut set for the screw size, and a 1/2″ length of 12mm bolt to go with it, we will go with the 5/16″ long for the most part.

In addition to the screws and bolts we have the following items available to us as accessories.

Pentangle Hex Hexagon Hex Rod

These things can be used on the feet to hold the feet in place and allow for them to be pulled. These are great because you can be creative with them and we can use them in an event to create our own.

They come up in different colours if you want them to be memorable.

Also these are great when you need to bend the feet in a direction you don’t want to bend them in. They have a small flat blade on them that can be used to cut the foot and bend at the bend so that the head is the same size as the body.

These hex hex are a perfect option for a wide range of people because they have a small flat blade where the end cap of a standard hex key works the best, we find these most useful for bending the feet in different directions.

These will come with black, gold or red or just be a random selection of them.

Skeleton Legs

These are used on the body and will be the main part of your puppet.

They come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. This time, we have decided to use a size 8 so that would suit most people.

They have various weights so they can be moved easily so you can have different poses. The weight of the legs can be adjusted and can be a couple of centimeters above their body depending on each puppet weight.

If you want these then buy the correct number of legs first and you will get the correct amount of legs out