How do you make a sock puppet mouth? – Ventriloquist Famous

To do this, first cut a small piece of cardboard or paper. In the picture, I used a piece of foam board, but you can use anything that will fit in the cardboard. Next, cut off all the loose ends and place on a clean, dry surface. I used an old towel or pillow case for the cardboard box as it would help to smooth out the edges. Next, add a piece of foam to form a “mouth” and tape it down. Place the hand puppet on top of the foam and slide the end of the foam needle along the inside of the mouth and up the sides. Be sure to keep the tip away from the mouth.

This is why it is important to slide the tip of the needle along the inside of the mouth. When you push down on the needle, it should come out on the sides of the mouth. The only time you wouldn’t want to use a needle is when they are in the middle of the mouth (inside there is enough room for them to move freely, so it is not necessary). Once you’ve worked around one side (if you are going for more than one) move over the other side, and repeat the process one more time. After that, when you use the needle, you don’t want to have it on the tip or end of the tip. You may be able to remove them once you feel that they should be in position.

At this point when you are finished, it might be easier to go back and re-cut the cardboard or paper to make the shape you want to make. To make a round mouth look more like an “O”, cut off the edges and place it in the middle, along the outside of the foam to form an “O.” Place the small piece of foam to the middle of the oval. In the picture, I used a piece of foam cut in half.

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