How do you make a ventriloquist dummy? – Learn Ventriloquism Dvds For Sale

A ventriloquist dummy will be created using the following steps and will not require any software or knowledge on your part. Make sure you have some spare time before the work starts.

Step 1. You will need: A wood, metal, or plastic box (see pictures below) A box cutter (a standard box cutter will likely work but this is just for show) A small, sharp, wooden or metal implement A prop (I used a large, heavy piece of foam rubber) The box cutter is going be used to cut the box openings so be sure to choose an appropriate box size.

Step 2. Cut or cut a small hole in a corner of a box.

Step 3. Start working!

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Step 4. The inside of the box will be the place where the dummy will be placed. To figure out what spot to put the dummy, open the box and make the most of the space inside. This can vary depending on the size of the box you are using. Also, the box can be opened and closed more completely than what are shown in the picture below. In fact, you can also get more space by simply pulling harder inside the box. If you feel the space is small enough make it larger. Once you determine which opening’s the correct size, start using your box cutter and a box scraper to trim the opening.

Step 5. Once the top edge is trimmed, it is time to move to the next step.

Step 6. Use your prop (or another prop to do the opening if the box is too large) to remove any obstructions such as wires, glue, or paint.

Step 7. Start cutting the opening using the box cutter until you have a clear opening that isn’t more than about 7/8 the size from the corner at the bottom of the box opening. Make sure that you do not cut your hand too well (see picture).

Step 8. Using the box cutter again, make a new cut on the other side of the opening. This should cover the old opening.

Step 9. Cut another opening from the box opening with your box scraper. This is necessary.

Step 10. Now all that will be left is to paint the dummy all over.

Step 11. Place or glue the dummy in the new box opening using duct tape. Do not put any material in the opening. It should look like paper cut up in a pile of dirty napkins:

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