How do you say p without moving your lips?

It’s the same way. That’s what we did when we worked on the songs.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

There is a part in each album where you have to look at the picture and not just look at the words. That’s not very challenging. You’re looking at a picture that you’ve created and you’re trying to do it justice. We spend a lot of time writing about the ideas that we have.

How would you describe a track like “You Can’t Hide, You Cannot Leave”?

“You Can’t Hide, You Cannot Leave” is about what’s not there, everything that I can’t hide. It’s about trying to find the missing pieces and the spaces, the spaces, where the world is. How can I make that whole place fit together?

How did you come up with the line “I don’t see things as they are, I see them as we are”?

I think about all my experiences in being born black in a country that is very very white, in being born to a family that doesn’t always show affection, being gay, being married to somebody of color. I think I’m trying to make a record that doesn’t put the listener in a place where they feel like they’re forced to act as though they had been born into it, that they’ve been there for a while, and not that they’ve lived in someone else’s shoes and have been through so much in so many different ways.

What makes you think you know better than the majority of people?

I don’t want to say I know everything, but I do know so much. I know this generation is going to be so critical of everything as it is now, even something as simple as taking a selfie on a phone that does not have a camera in it. I know this is going to happen and the majority of the people will be against it and you can see why. I know that the majority of people don’t want a photo of themselves having sex on the beach or having a selfie on the beach. I see exactly why they don’t want it. I’m just making it a little bit harder for them.

What’s your take on the presidential race?

It’s hard to say. It seems crazy at the moment where it seems as though we’re doing so badly as a country. I do think that there is a lot of anxiety about what the next four years will bring us