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,” the officer ask in a calm voice.

I’m a lot more calm.

A large crowd is gathering outside the police department, all dressed in black.

Two women are standing nearby. You’re in their presence, they both say to me as if I’ve just interrupted their conversation, but I don’t care. I talk. You talk.

The woman with the thick glasses tells her two friends that “the man was crazy,” then adds “that’s why we called the police.”

The three women start talking to each other on how they’re not worried about the man, their boyfriend’s crazy. They’re trying to figure out if the man is going to hurt them.

“He was making us mad with his weird shit, so we called the cops.” The women then get quiet and I’m the only one talking.

“Can you show us your ID?” I’m trying to see if I need to do anything.

“He was yelling, banging his head,” one of the ladies says.

One of the ladies tells me they’ve been to mental hospitals, and the police officers tell me they were there with an autistic girl, who was very angry. The girl was put in protective custody, and I have to ask why I have to tell her this information.

The officers tell me it was “her first time” that they’ve tried that, but they also tell me it was a good training moment for them.

They tell me the girl was so angry that she came over and jumped out of a car.

The woman I talk to says, “We know. That’s why we called the cops.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?,” a police officer asks.

“Yes, but it’s been going on for a while now.” I tell him that she doesn’t want to go to jail. It was the first time she thought about coming over. “But I’m in jail.”

One of the officers asks if her son knows she’s in jail.

“No, but I’m going to get out.”

“Ok, but we got to get your ID.” The other officer says, “You’re gonna need it.”

I start to feel like I’m overacting, and I ask if I can go back inside and show her some ID, just so I can keep trying to talk to people.

The woman says, “I’m just gonna

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