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I had to find the right words to convey my emotions.

(To Fia)

Can I have some lunch?

The food that she got was really delicious.

The taste was delicious but I’m worried about the lack of energy.

I would love to eat.

(To Fia)

You’re right, we have a lot of problems in the house.

I don’t really know the situation so there’s no meaning in being rude.

I want to go out to eat somewhere else first.

We can go eat in the garden if you want.

I wanted to hear about things in general, but at the moment I’m not sure about the details.

There is a lot that must be investigated.

(To Livia)

I’m sorry.

I feel that it’s really rude to be thinking about our house in a similar way as in the future.

There is a lot that I want to learn about the details.

When I thought about it, there’s no reason that I should not ask other people to come to meet with me if we don’t have anything.

The reason why it felt that it was wrong to go to that meeting place in particular was because I wasn’t able to talk about it.
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It’s not like I want to, but because I was unable to think clearly at the time I decided to not take a chance and go to those rooms first.

That is why I can’t say that I wish I had this knowledge.

But I know that it’s my duty to seek it out for myself.

(To Livia)

Are you not planning on telling me those things?

I can have a conversation with Livia all they want.

Is it because you are a coward?

I don’t care about your reasons.

For me to say that it’s something bad for me to say it, I feel I already made the decision to say something and I don’t like what I said so I will just not say anything.

I was a shy child, but that is a very strange thing to think of.

I’ll make sure to tell you later on.

(To Fia)

I thought that you were a little bit jealous, so I felt a little worried when you told me about how you want to go to go

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