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Where do you put your hands? Why do you have one hand?” the man at one point asked. “I want to make sure I am speaking normally so it doesn’t hurt my hand,” said the woman. Then, to demonstrate how she was just going to speak normally, she drew one of the men’s hands away from her chest. She asked what she should look like if she were to do that, and then, when he asked her what she should look like to “smell like,” she added: “I don’t smell like a guy, so I won’t, but I sure will smell like a lady!” There was a little laughter among their mutual buddies, not a lot more than a few of us were able to hear.

Later, at a second public discussion, they tried something different, and it worked.

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What I’ve noticed is that, as someone who was raised and educated in the UK, I’m not just interested in things in America – I like to experiment with how they relate – and I don’t think I need to be taught to speak English or how American English is spoken and even read to understand a conversation in the UK. For example, if a friend’s husband in the UK says he is “not allowed” to come over to eat and drink in the UK but can if he wants to, I can imagine an American friend saying that she’d prefer her husband come over, but he’s not really going to “come on” and ask to eat or drink. As it happens, even if it weren’t for the British accent, I have a pretty good American, German, and German dialect. I’ve made friends with British friends who had French or Russian accents and we could really understand each other at a distance but we understood the other at the same time. Now it is the case that my German and Russian friends are very comfortable on British TV shows, and as a result, I’ve become a bit of a star for my American friends. For example, I’m a frequent guest on Britain’s popular talk show QI, where I’m asked to do everything from talking to people to doing a lot of voiceover work. It used to take me a while to understand how to talk English to them, but now, I am so used to speaking in a Britney Spears voice that they’ll think I’m doing a Britney Spears impression. However, if you ever find yourself in a situation where someone is speaking the American way, I always say that we don’t speak

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