How do you talk without moving your lips? – How To Learn Ventriloquism In Telugu

What does that mean, anyway? Do we hear more words than the first few of the word lists?

You can have the rest of the words in the word list or you can make the words and order them into sentences by selecting some words and then copying them from that list and adding the rest of the words to your own.


You’ll notice that the sentence is usually longer with the words. However, the order of the words doesn’t really matter much either. In fact, some of these words will always be shorter when your mind is trying to use them.

In some situations the shorter words may be the better choice because you can make them shorter using other methods, like rearranging the list a little bit, or substituting less-common words for more-common. As you move along in this book you’ll see that many of the words you’ll be using are much more complex than simply rearranging the order of words. There are dozens of different ways to arrange a very, very long phrase and the order of words can be the very last thing to be chosen. I would argue that we should try to use words that have a more-than-occasional connection in our day-to-day conversations. Words like words have meaning and a purpose, and if one can not find the meaning in such a situation as to actually make a connection between another word and its other meanings, why would we use that word in a context where a connection exists and it is useful? And the purpose of each word shouldn’t determine why we can or cannot use it. The purpose should be to explain it, explain why it is important, and use it. So that is how it should be.

Words such as “and” and “and not” are often the words people look for most often when you are trying to remember words if you have difficulty reading. We use these words often, such as in “and not in the same sentence” and “and the other day” and “and the other time.”

In this book you’ll see examples of how many of these words are used to make a connection between something and what the thing and context of the word indicate.

Let’s take the example of what “and” means. “And” is often used for two things at once. In some situations two and not two are often used to imply that you are saying two things (or three things). The example I give in the middle of the book uses “And the other

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