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How do you throw a ball good? How do you play baseball? This is what you’re going to learn about hitting and pitching. This is really going to change your world. You can’t imagine any sport today without it.

“The big problem is people are still trying to put their heads together and come up with theories. They all come up with theories of what they think is what’s best and I’m going to show you some new theories. I love it!”

The team is on the way toward winning the World Series. What will Barry Bonds say? And, if Bonds were still with the organization, which future Hall of Famer in baseball would you love to watch throw his first pitch?

That’s right, it will be Barry Bonds.

That’s a question no person should ever have to ask.

The man who has been serving as deputy head of the UN humanitarian office in Syria for the past six years has arrived back in the job, and is expected to take over after a major shake-up this week.

The departure of Robert Ford, who took over the job of Syria envoy in March, is part of a major reshuffle of the UN team working in the country that will see David Beasley, head of missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, replacing him.

The new team, to be named in May, will be made up of experts, such as aid workers, from several countries.

Ford, known for his calm demeanour, will also report directly directly on war crimes by Syrian government and allied forces, a key priority for the UN as it tries to rebuild the country.

One key appointment is Beasley, the country’s foreign minister, who will be responsible for the Middle East.

The UK will also be working as an ambassador, and will work closely with Beasley’s colleague and former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

The new team will be headed by Richard Boucher, who previously worked for the UN in Iraq and for the EU and NATO in Afghanistan.

He will have the task of supporting the UN’s efforts to help the internally displaced people who have fled the fighting since the unrest began in 2011.

Boucher’s predecessor, Richard Ross, was removed from his job as envoy earlier this year.

The move was taken against the backdrop of a huge influx of people fleeing Syria over the past year, which has made the UN’s efforts at registering and reuniting them less successful.
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