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I haven’t had the chance to take it out yet…

What’s so great about ‘Parks and Recreation’ that makes it worth it for the rest of us TV addicts?

It’s the characters. It might not have the same appeal as ‘The Good Wife’, ‘Modern Family’, ‘Community’ or ‘Mr. Robot’, but it’s definitely got characters we care about as a whole. ‘Parks and Recreation’ doesn’t seem to be the kind of show people can simply hop on and have some great moments while they’re still young, but it’s so well written that you could spend a lot of time with the cast and still find time to finish your day off. And the show just keeps getting better with each new episode.

If you aren’t watching Parks and Rec, you might not see the connection to ‘Modern Family’. Both ‘Fashion Police’ and ‘Modern Family’ are a bit of a laugh-out-loud funny show, and they’re a bit heavy on jokes. But I’ve definitely been a fan of ‘Modern Family’, and ‘Fashion Police’ is actually one of my all-time favorite sitcoms.

That’s not to say ‘Parks and Rec’ doesn’t have fun jokes throughout the show, but the humor is definitely a lot lighter than the laughs. I’ve seen some people try to equate “Parks and Recreation and Modern Family” to “Saturday Night Live” (or to put it another way, “SNL” or “SNL reruns” or…well, almost all of them). I don’t think you’ll find anything in those comedies that is similar. We don’t get that same punchline or emotional moment where a character’s favorite TV show happens to include an entire episode of ‘Parks and Rec’.

And let’s be honest: a lot of people are going to say “Parks and Recreation” isn’t a comedy show. What these people don’t realize is just because a show isn’t a comedy, doesn’t mean it’s not a show.

And that’s the thing about sitcoms. They’re supposed to be funny. I don’t think you can watch ‘Parks and Rec’ and not laugh. Not at the jokes, but the characters. In addition, the cast has really developed into a real ensemble. It’s nice to see them get to work together on a new episode and see how they mesh and how they grow as a team.


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