How does a ventriloquist sing?

A common question is: Is it necessary to be able to play an instrument in order to sing? The answer to this question depends on several factors, including musical training, musical ability, and the ability of the singer to reproduce the vocal sounds produced by the instrument. It should be noted that there is no requirement to be able to play an instrument in order to perform a ventriloquist’s impersonation. Nevertheless, it is better to have some artistic ability and to possess the correct knowledge of the songs, than to be completely ignorant of music and not be able to speak intelligently.

Q: What are the criteria to use to evaluate a ventriloquist?

A: The most important criteria to use in reviewing a ventriloquist’s ability to perform are their ability to use an instrument to create vocal sounds that the ventriloquist would be unlikely to be able to generate while playing the instrument, and their ability to successfully reproduce the vocal sounds of an instrument they are unable to use. This last criterion also provides a good foundation for determining the relative ability of a ventriloquist to perform an impersonation.

Q: I would like to have information about the process by which a ventriloquist creates the unique sound characteristics of a particular instrument. What should I do?

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A: While ventriloquists may be able to reproduce more subtle, more difficult to produce sounds than a human, a person who can sing very hard and speak very intelligibly should have a high potential for success. The ability to create, reproduce, and sing the sounds necessary for a ventriloquist could have been learned and practiced by one being trained by a ventriloquist. If a person chooses to try ventriloquism, a qualified ventriloquist should be consulted to provide detailed information about the process used to make that sound.

Other criteria to consider are the age of the individual, the musical skills which the person has, and the abilities they possess. For a person with an average level of musical ability, it may be easier to find someone who has been trained by a ventriloquist in order to get a realistic demonstration of the skills needed for successful ventriloquism. However, for a person who is not as young or with only average musical talent, it may be more difficult to find someone who is trained by a ventriloquist.

Q: How do I get professional help to create a ventriloquist’s imitation?