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If you think the TV comedy is just about the kids – and that doesn’t apply to most US shows – then you’re looking in the wrong place! The TV show is filled with people of all ages who know how to make people laugh. Many are famous. In fact, some have been famous for decades. It’s the reason it’s the best-selling television show of all times; people who love it because it’s so funny and so well made; people because it’s so full of character and characters, but they also love it for the sheer level of humanity and personality that you find even in the most well-known stars on the screen: Michael Jackson, Oprah, Jon Stewart, and Michael Richards are only two, and they’re great role models for many; Richard Gere is a huge role model to all ages; and in many instances, everyone you meet on TV is incredibly human. It seems to me a little sad, as I am a big believer in the importance of real human beings to tell a story, but it’s true. Most US TV shows don’t get as much love – if the kids are still watching the show, if a few of the people in charge are still involved, then I believe there’s still something of value to be found there, and a show’s longevity probably depends on the audience. In short: do you think the TV shows have it right about being about the kids? Of course they do. Why else would they be in the same age bracket and have the same amount of talent in them, if the show wasn’t about the kids? I was lucky enough to work for a show that was so about the kids (in the sense that the stars were, in most cases, in the same age), while the same could be said for most US scripted shows. Some people find it strange that American shows have managed to be both about people of all ages while still being, by almost any measure, very, very young. If you’re wondering why I think it’s the case, imagine that on television you could have two very mature and interesting characters (for instance, two of the most popular and well-known actors of all times!); imagine that they were both about to turn 30 and were married; imagine that there was a lot of pressure from producers on them to be more than just characters on the screen; and imagine that they knew what that pressure involved. But you’re not watching a TV show, you’re in a movie, and it’s easy to imagine that they just

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