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The prize has been shared over the years, from a three-month residency in New York’s ‘Chalk Circle School of Performing Arts’ to the lucrative offer of a role as ‘the ventriloquist to America’s favourite football star and former president.


‘He’s also very good at ‘wearing’ his accent,’ says one admirer on the film’s poster.

The film may not do so well at the box office, but there is also a message to be delivered.

As the first part of the three-part series is released, on Wednesday, November 20th, The New Yorker is releasing a documentary, ‘The Ventriloquist’s Ghost Masterpiece’, about the lives and careers of American ventriloquist performers since the Victorian era, including Bill T. Jones, Edna St. Vincent Millay and William Mudge.

‘This is not just ventriloquism, [a] man who invented it … you can imagine what the history of [ventriloquism] is like,’ says the film’s director, Richard Schickel. ‘This is a story of the history of American ventriloquism. It’s a journey that’s very similar to the one I went on when I was a teenager.’

With the film due for release on Tuesday, at the same time as the final performance of the third series finale of Bill T. Jones, the show will be shown at the Lincoln Centre’s Winter Garden Theatre in New York. The third series finale of Bill T. Jones, which ran for four seasons, ends tonight.

This is the last chapter, it was a bit short. You can read the chapter as normal but if you don’t like that, change your view.

The next one is Chapter 32.


“Why are you so cold?” The little girl asked in panic. In case she hadn’t noticed it, Weiss’ eyes were cold. She would freeze over any kind of sound as soon as she saw a sound that even a little girl couldn’t refuse to hear.

“If I had to say it, it has something to do with what you told me,” the little girl responded honestly and didn’t seem to have a chance to think about what she said.

This made Weiss laugh, though her laughter was not as loud as before. Her eyes were still a bit cold though, and she didn’t seem to care one little bit about

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