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If you’re a smoker and/or a ventriloquist, then it’s probably cheaper not to buy an actual set.

Ventriloquism is not an inexpensive hobby, but it is often an inexpensive hobby.

So, buying an actual dummy is far more costly, and so we get to do the math.

Ventriloquism dummies

Here’s a list of the different companies I know of that make dummy sets.

Some of them may use plastic, some may use metal, but the same thing.

Most are not cheap.

If they are expensive they don’t appear to produce a good product.

These dummy sets are usually very large and may not be very easy to handle (and may not even fit in our hands).

They may be plastic, metal, or even paper-like.

The prices of these dummy sets vary widely according to the particular model, although they usually tend to be quite expensive.

I used an old box for this illustration. If you want a plastic dummy, it’s likely too large for your hands. If you want real wood, you can make a box out of plywood using a saw and wood glue.
How To Build A Ventriloquist Dummy | Maher Studios

There are also quite a few brands and models of ventriloquist equipment (e.g., ventriloquists’ dummy head units) made in lots of materials.

I do not recommend ventriloquism dummies made by a company that makes them exclusively for the hobby of ventriloquism, especially as I’m sure some ventriloquists are very unhappy with these companies.

The other brands and products on this list probably are the same models as the ones I’ve mentioned.

The only thing I’ll mention is that some ventriloquists do use an actual dummy head when they are using their device.

I’ve also seen people buy these dummies at an auction, or have them sent to them after they’ve purchased their gear.

For most people, purchasing a dummy head will cost you between $5 and $15. I’ve seen some that can be purchased in the $5 range.

If you plan to buy a real dummy, you may want to consider saving a little money.

If you’re in California (or any state for that matter) buy this product.

You’ll be saving about $5 when you buy the vent

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