How rich is Jeff Dunham? – Secret To Ventriloquism

$4 billion.



If you were paying attention on Monday, it was obvious that Dunham and his family and their businesses represented a significant chunk of the billionaire’s fortune. The real question, though, was whether Dunham truly qualifies as a mega-grocery mogul.


I’m no billionaireologist, but it sounds like it could indeed work. The numbers that Dunham cites for his net worth aren’t exactly easy to swallow. He cites “over $6.9 billion” in assets, though he doesn’t give a source for why he’s making that claim. (We think it’s probably a number based on his stock holdings — the one place where we’re guessing there is a real number behind it.)

It’s also hard to imagine how that kind of money could make it into the pockets of the poor. As we’ve explained time and again, the biggest impact of wealthy people — in whatever sphere they choose to indulge in — is not money in their personal possession, but money extracted from the economy.


If money was your concern, you might prefer that that money not be pulled from the pockets of a few people at a time, but be plowed back into more productive activities in the economy. But we’ll give Dunham’s family a pass on that: We think their wealth doesn’t come primarily from the rich giving them more stuff, but simply because they have enough of it to sustain themselves and their families.

In case you’ve missed the big news, it turns out that Dunham is currently worth $1.5 billion, while his wife is worth $250 million. That total puts his net worth at $6.9 billion. That’s more than $7 billion — not so far away from the $60 billion “billionaire bracket” that many of us put people under.

Still, don’t let that number confuse us: Even if you consider Dunham’s wealth an enormous slice of the overall pie, there are other ways that a man’s wealth may vary, so don’t get a hasty judgment about whether Dunham’s $6 billion is worth $4 billion or $6 billion. A closer look at the numbers shows he isn’t even the wealthiest of the billionaires.

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