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The show hasn’t shown up on Netflix since June 20th, but it’s on the way back. And if you’ve found any of our stories by now to be of particular interest, it appears they are being re-posted.
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This Friday, April 13, you will see a show with a special guest, as The Daily Beast (via The Hollywood Reporter) reports that David Tennant will appear in the first season of the British series. The news comes shortly after The Hollywood Reporter released an interview that claimed that Tennant will be guest starring as the hero of Season 1, and that he’ll play the series’ main antagonist, Victor “Tycho” Zivkovic. “He doesn’t seem terribly eager to play ‘Tycho’, but with his charisma as a lead actor he seems likely to play his part… Tennant plays a character that has a very different set of strengths, qualities, flaws, desires, and so forth, to that of his own, so he should provide a unique and interesting presence,” said showrunner Julie Gardner. It certainly sounds like the actor will help the show out in its current form, and we’re excited to hear more!

In all seriousness, it seems that the show will be following a much more grounded take on the villainous character than the previous two series. Tennant is expected to play Victor Zivkovic, “the biggest, baddest monster in London,” the report says, with all of his evil being based on a particular kind of monster. When Victor is in control he has a “totality of powers, ranging from pure rage to sheer intelligence. However, there are times when [Victor] begins to turn to sadomasochistic ways so as to satisfy the depraved urges he has been building up for this entire period.” We still hope, that is.

“This year on Victorious is the season when we introduce a series of twists which are much less overt but far more disturbing. The twists involve the characters’ own desires, weaknesses and desires themselves to have power over others,” Gardner adds. “From the onset of the season, we have introduced a dark presence from the secret lair of Mr. Zivkovic to the end of the year. Season one is our darkest to date, but by no means is it a final destination; it is the beginning of a long journey that will be even darker.”

In other news, the TV and movie world are still divided on the status of The Hunger Games, and

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