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If you’ve ever thought about a career in the pharmaceutical industry, the chances are you’ve got a few questions about how that might actually work.

Many companies employ more than 100,000 people, and while many end up being employed long term, there are a small group—about two percent—that have chosen to keep working for the company after graduating, only to get out of the system once their salaries have peaked. That group includes people who were employed at companies, or did part-time work at those same companies, over a five-year period. They are also, most likely, in their twenties, or even thirties.

They are generally considered job-seekers, working part-time so they could take advantage of the lower health care costs, but they are also career climbers, so they are likely looking for higher salaries and better work-life balance.

One way to get into this latter group is to be hired as a consultant.

“It used to be that consultants had to work an extended schedule and were paid a lot,” says Brian Cattaneo with the Federal Open Market Committee, part of the Federal Reserve, which oversees monetary policy. That has changed in recent years, but it also made them riskier, says Cattaneo.

“They are more likely to go to medical school, have children, and be involved with public policy,” he adds. “They are very good at reading the landscape.”

Cattaneo suggests consulting firms, and their employees, can become a career changer, not only for themselves, but for the company.

This type of work, says Cattaneo, is generally considered a “golden path” to entry-level employment in the pharmaceutical or health care industry. It gives them a better understanding of how businesses work, how to attract and retain talent, and most importantly, how to be successful.

In the past, many health insurers have been heavily invested in the field of consulting, Cattaneo notes, which often requires significant time commitment.

“When you have to do something, you have to work on it for several hours a day,” he remarks.

There are several reasons why employers prefer people who work in the field, says Catt

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