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We all have our friends and relatives who have issues with addiction. What is your opinion on the topic and do you think it’s a worthwhile debate?

How does addiction work? The addictive person will always try and use a substance other than what they need or are in fact addicted to. They are not going to give up that substance in order to become sober. The process of addiction has it’s downsides and will continue to happen. What we need to do is find a way to stop the problem in it’s tracks. The best way to do that is to understand that the problem is not only in the addiction itself, but in our own conditioning as well. We can change our own conditioning by learning mindfulness techniques, recognizing self-awareness, and working to overcome addiction.

How would you feel if people did not use drugs because you believed in the negative side effects?

I think all drugs have positive side effects. Drugs can be a powerful tool for learning and growth. Some drugs, like MDMA, can help children who are struggling with childhood abuse or trauma. But there is also the potential to damage our brains. Drugs are just one kind of drug, not the best one or one that is all that you should be on at any given moment. Many people who use drugs have found a way to use these drugs in moderation, without damaging their brains.

Have you ever been in rehab?

Most of the time, people get hooked to drugs after a period of treatment. A lot of treatment centers treat people who have tried drugs, but they can’t find the motivation to stop. One of the best places for recovery is a home-based treatment for addicts. These homes are really amazing because you get to know the people you are dealing with in a way that really helps them learn about themselves. As you help someone get sober, they become more self-aware, open, happy, and confident in their own abilities. That makes a difference. Once people stop using drugs, they find it really hard to find motivation to change their behavior again. Most of the people we help find self-acceptance and find the confidence to change again.

Why did you decide to become an addiction therapist?

It was something I felt was missing in my life. There hasn’t been anyone in my life that can help me. I want to help others heal from past relationships or make it easier for them to get help. I have been helping people who are addicted for a while and I feel like it

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