What are the names of Jeff Dunham’s puppets?

Did he name them, too, after himself and his children? Did they look after him at college or university? Was he named a god? Did he make sure that the kids in his life learned to pray and believe in the Christian faith?

His life will always be the story of the way he got there.

After his conversion, the last thing he wanted to do was talk about it. But when he decided to go to church full time, things began to unravel.

He didn’t know about the Bible. There are two books in the New Testament that are considered scripture. The first book is the New Testament. The other is the Bible itself. They are, in truth, two books, two witness of Jesus Christ. As the Scriptures say, when one reads from one book, he gets to the other. But not when one reads from two.

Jeff Dunham is an Evangelist. He doesn’t believe in God as we know Him, but as his beliefs and actions confirm what the Bible says. He goes to the Bible every day of his life: in his car or in his gym bag. He listens every Saturday night through a Bible on his lap. He has a Bible in his house, and one in his gym bag at every event.

On Wednesday afternoon, Jeff made the trip again when his two kids arrived home from college.

“I brought them all to school,” he said.

Jeff’s wife, Mary, says he went to all his classes that day, and he said his prayers.

The last thing Jeff Dunham said to the kids was, “We’ll see you tomorrow, little ones.”

His prayers were answered. He got married at age 37 and they are expecting their first baby girl, who will be called Hannah.

His wife had been preparing them for this journey with tears in her eyes – tears of love, a tear of gratitude that their dad got there, and a tear of joy that they were finally together. She thought she would hold her breath in front of all her family and friends when Jeff’s sermon was over.

“We were all so ready to go home and have a party,” said her daughter, Grace. “But we didn’t. We had to wait, and then we were like, ‘Hey, this guy is getting us all in a tizzy.'”

But as Jeff Dunham spoke, Grace was crying so hard, her face was so red, she couldn’t sit down. And