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A noun refers to a thing that is similar to another verb, but with a less or more specific function. It can be a noun (tiger), it can be a verb (swim) or it can be something that has no meaning at all .

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Cats of a kind, all born together.

The feline family, which includes about 250 cats, lives in the basement of one of the buildings on the island, close to the harbor. There are about 75 cats in total — many live in the basement and share a room.

Cats can be found anywhere in the neighborhood — on the walls, in the closets, in the cupboards of the homes near the harbor. Some live in the water.

Some live in an apartment complex where a lot of people have cats. They are often adopted, though they are not permanent residents.

At the bottom is the cat island, where cats can be found almost anywhere.

Many people have a dog on the property but the owners have no idea that it’s a cat island.

“A lot of people take in cats from the harbor, and then they have a dog, and they wonder why a cat is around and why they’re putting their cat in a dog’s house,” said Laura McCauley with the animal protection organization Humane Humane of Portland.

A friend had been taking in cats for a few years — until she went to the harbor with her dog and found none of them.

“She was like, ‘Why are you putting your cat in there? Why is it on the bottom of a house?'” McCauley said.

People are justifiably concerned about animal rights. Cat islands come under fire because a cat can end up in a dog’s or cat’s home.

But McCauley pointed out that with a few tricks a cat may be able to stay hidden — for some.

As much as a cat’s presence may make you uncomfortable, it doesn’t have to be all the time.

“We know people bring cats into the yard by accident. One of the main places that we see cats in need of rescue is the harbor areas of the island,” McCauley said.

In order to find a way to help, a number of people came together and organized an adopt-a

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