When was ventriloquism invented? – Why Do Kids Learn Faster Than Adults

This question is difficult to answer, but it was most likely made possible by the invention of speech. Ventriloquism was invented as early as the 16th century. This was in part due to the need for a new form of conversation to replace the oral form in which voices differed from speech. Ventriloquism could also be useful in speech or in writing.

What did the French call ventriloquism?

A more commonly known French term for ventriloquism is “jouer”, “jouet”, “jouer” or “jacoué”. There is also a French term for this effect: “joué de ventriloqu” or “joué dans ventriloqu” (French for “jouey from ventriloquism”).

What does the word “ventriloquism” come from?

Although the word “ventriloquism” originated from Latin, it eventually came to be associated with some other European languages, notably Italian and Spanish.

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For centuries, in Latin, ventriloquism was simply translated as jeering or snubbing someone. Today, ventriloquism has now been expanded to include all expressions that use a similar word to mock, insult, ridicule or to belittle someone.

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