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That’s an interesting question. It might seem obvious to say Fred is the best ventriloquist, but that still leaves us asking. What? Does he draw a lot? Are there only 10 or 20 people doing each week? (No, really, Fred does draw lots of ventriloquists, but you’ll never see him in the audience because people know the best ones are the best; they could always be told to go to a nearby salon.) Do his routines have a lot of jokes? Can you imagine a real-life Fred who is too shy to draw a full line of jokes?

Or maybe it’s because of his background as a cartoonist. There’s an oft-cited image of an overzealous artist who drew a line over Fred’s chest, creating a line in his stomach. Maybe that’s the reason. Fred grew up to be one if the most talented artists in the world, from his earliest sketch of “Hello, World!” to his first commercial drawing in The Simpsons to his “Frosty the Snowman” cartoon for T.G.I. Friday’s. That’s a whole lot of drawing, but no one has a problem calling out why. And he’s not the only one. The New York Times, for example, lists a long list of critics and critics alike who consider Fred to be “the greatest comedian of all time.”

“When you read a sketch where an idiot gets a job at a funeral home and has a bunch of friends who are dead, it’s usually pretty funny,” G.A.P.H. executive producer Stephen J. Cannell says.

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But who draws Fred? How did he learn how to draw? When did he start getting in trouble? For the record, it’s actually a two-hander, in one hand and a mouthpiece. When he was a child, Fred had braces to help him learn to walk, and he had a hard time with it because he was trying to act out all of his routines. One day, he was so scared he decided to draw out of his mouth a joke. As he started to work out and get the words out, a neighbor who lived a mile away called.

“Fred said, ‘If I can get you some money, can I draw some cartoons and put ’em up on the Internet?'” remembers Mark Gagliardi, who worked on the sketch. “And that’s kind of what happened.” There were so many sketches

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