Who is the female ventriloquist? – Learn Ventriloquism Dvd Shrink

She’s the girl next door. She’s a neighbor in the middle of nowhere, or the only female you know. What’s on her ventriloquist’s dummy is that she’s living just like you and me.

In some ways, ventriloquists are living the life they always fantasized about in those stories. You watch them walk down the street, you see them talking to other people, you watch them go about their daily business, and they always seem to be having a fantastic time.

In the movie “Curious George,” for example, the ventriloquist says “I can’t say anything, my voice can only be used as the cue to my partner’s scream. Oh, yes, he can only do that to the children in distress.”

What are they getting out of it? Well, in some ways, they’re getting a lot of validation from the public, but ventriloquists don’t think that they should be recognized for their profession because everyone’s entitled to own their imagination. They’re really just trying to be themselves and have a good time doing it.

In other ways, ventriloquists want to express themselves through their work. People like ventriloquists can really be creative, and that’s part of their job.

There’s this great movie, “Odd Thomas,” on the radio where the ventriloquist has to talk to a mother about her son, because he’s out of work.

The mother says “I’ve had enough, and when he comes home from work, he’s only got enough time for one thing, and that one thing is ventriloquism because the only good ventriloquists are the ones who ventriloquise.”

People like ventriloquists are just great.

But I’m not going to talk about them right now. That’s for another day. Thank you. If you’re interested in the profession of ventriloquists, you’re gonna want to check out the website of Ventriloquist.com, and you can learn more about ventriloquists here. Or you can contact [email protected]

And in closing we’re going to call a couple of ventriloquists by their names. David and Nancy are both ventriloquists. They love the art of ventriloquizing. They love the process. I

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