Who makes Terry Fator’s puppets?

What did the studio do to their puppets?

Kirby said he wasn’t going to try to talk to the fans any more after this fiasco.

What went wrong with the show and the new season of Terry’s Puppet Show? They can’t do anything right.

How do ventriloquists pronounce 'B', 'P', and 'M' during their Act ...
Do you remember watching this episode of Terry’s Puppet Show (that I wrote about in my review of the show)?

I was so confused during that episode. It all seemed so familiar.

I’m looking at my own copy on video, and I don’t see any of Fator’s puppets that I remember seeing.

Anyone can be the puppet creator. I didn’t know that I didn’t have the time to watch Terry’s Puppet Show.

So the big question, really, is why did Fator go through all this trouble to develop this show?

I don’t know.

I don’t know what his motive was. I never knew he was a puppet guy when he was first running the show.

His new show was so different from the show he originally wrote that I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

Could he be trying to find new business opportunities by changing the show into a puppet show?

I’m not sure he realized that the characters couldn’t speak with him, or that they don’t have any physical actions. That means that they have to write something from the show’s perspective so what they actually do in this new show is completely different from what it was originally written.

As long as you remember what’s going on before you watch the show, you’re fine.

I did notice, however, that for some reason Kirby has some pretty strange characters in this set.

In what kind of business do you run, and which company do you work for?

I am a licensed puppeteer for Puppet-Craft. There are two versions of this company. The first is named “Puppet Play” and the other is known as “Puppet Master Play.” Both of these names are taken from their previous company name.

You can see this on the back of my copy of the show.

The first page of the show is very easy to read.

The next page has a few blank pages, but this is where you read the scripts.

The second page contains about a dozen blank pages. They’re the characters, the scenes, and the special effects you see in the