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Well, they do exist and are often worth a good bit of cash. But is this the best way to build a camera? Here are several camera types that do not cost a lot of money and are great for the money.

These are two new cameras that will take a very large sensor and not be very pricey.

Camera Type Sensor Sony RX100

Nexon NX4

Minolta LX7

Canon 10DM3

Fujifilm X5

Canon 60D


Canon PowerShot G6

Casio PMA

Minolta A2C

Mamiya MK-4

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX100V

Yashica DX100

Canon PowerShot S100

The Sony RX100 is probably the best budget option for a very small sensor size sensor phone. Unlike some of the other new cameras I just mentioned, it will not cost a fortune and has no real disadvantages over the Nikon NX4. The RX100 is an 18.4 MP sensor, which is more versatile than a 16 MP sensor phone, and can do most of the things you can do with the NX4. It features a nice little LCD and has a very responsive UI. It can shoot 1080p stills, but you will notice very good image quality with an APS-C sensor. You can’t really go wrong with this camera. I would recommend it even over a Nikon NX2 if they were made for the same type of people. You can find this and the Sony RX100 for under $10,000.

Fujifilm X-A1

Fujifilm X-E5

Sony RX1

Canon 20D

Sony NEX-5

One of the best cameras for the money is the Sony RX1. This is an affordable, very capable camera. It features an 18.2 MP sensor, the most the body has to offer yet. It shoots in HD 1080p and has the most advanced UI I have ever seen. It’s a great camera for stills and video, it’s great for movie making and an all around great camera.

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The Sony RX1 also has a great UI and works great in full screen mode. It can shoot 4K video and it has very good low light capability. This is probably one of the best budget cameras you can get.

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