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Please do not post my pictures on other sites unless I specifically request to be made aware of it. I take pride in the quality of the pictures that I post. If I feel that the picture is of an inappropriate nature, please message me using the same email address I use for my other emails (or an alternate email address if that’s easier and faster for you).

Do you share images, videos, videos of myself?

All photos and videos posted to this site on other websites are owned by the person who posted them and/or the respective rights holder. Photos from other sites in my collection are only considered of interest if they include photographs of my models either in person or on a computer. All models are 18 years of age or older, and all photos on this site are intended to be used for private, non-profit use only. If you’re not 18 years of age or older and have been convicted of a felony then I would highly, strongly recommend that you refrain from using any of these photos or videos. If you can’t resist then feel free to share a little of yourself with me. I don’t mind sharing my own private moments with people that want to have a little fun. All photos and videos must be shared under fair use terms.

Can I ask you to take a picture and/or video?

Yes. However, I only give the permission to do so if the picture is of a sexual, lewd, or violent nature; if you will also request for me to upload it to any commercial site; or if it involves an explicit or highly offensive subject. You may also request for your images to be used in advertisements, and I will usually comply with your request. However, I have no control over what kind of information other people are willing to provide for ads and so I never do or say anything that other people don’t want to share. Pictures of children will not be taken, and any images of minors that are taken will never be used or shared again. If you want pictures or videos of me for you self, please get in touch, I’m happy to take them up as long as you are happy.

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