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I didn’t even know there was a place for that!

You probably had to be some sort of photographer to enter, since the only other place (the National Museum of Wales) was closed. The building in which the museum is housed is a massive structure, which took several hours to navigate around. But after the tour, I was able to wander around to different galleries. The view is a huge range of ancient scenes, not just the well known (and pretty cool) frescoes by P. Waclaw Ciechanowski. And the people are friendly! I could also ask a couple of them about how they became an “artist”…they said that after they studied at the Art Academy, they wanted to be a better photographer, so they took a degree in photography. And so, one of them took pictures of their students – and then they became one, because they liked how they look. You’re going to see some cool stuff in the museum soon, I’m sure! If you look close enough you can even see a little portrait of myself there.

The next time I went to the museum, it was the spring season, and most of the other visitors were enjoying their holidays outside. When I walked into the lobby, that’s how I noticed that someone had been sitting down. I saw that it was a really cute man in his 50’s/60’s (although I would say he was really young, only one year, in his life). It was not surprising to me since he was one of those guys who liked to show off pictures of their pets, and one day had a dog called Miss. I asked him how he managed to keep it going all through all he’s done (my best guess is that he has a really good camera and some really good tools, for instance the camera I’m not allowed to take pictures in the museum…!). He said that all he can really do for it is take pictures with a camera with a lot of spare batteries. I didn’t really know what to say to him. He turned out to be one of the few people who can say that.

He was very patient with me and asked me a few questions in English, like what I liked about photographing nature, or the people and places, and if I thought the buildings in the world looked good. He has a big imagination, which means he doesn’t stop working till his brain is just bursting with pictures. I had a lot to talk about, and he kept asking about stuff like

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