Can I photograph anyone in public? – Video To Order

Yes. Public photography is permitted on a case-by-case application basis based on need. If you have the right permission to be in the public, please use appropriate permissions and lighting.

What does a “public access area” mean? I have heard of different groups and different things that you can do. Does it even matter?

A “public access area” is a public area that people visiting your establishment are able to gain unobstructed access to (such as private doors, a window, etc.). An area might have an entrance and an exit, but the entrance cannot be blocked; the exit can be blocked if in one’s line of sight, but it must be open to the public. The common view is that a public access area is open all day, but this is not always true. There is an exception and it is “public” only when it is “protected”. So if there is a fence, or a “protected” street or avenue, you are protected.

Can you take pictures in the city or at the mall?

Cities and malls often have a “guest” or “public” area in the sidewalk where public spaces are not normally found, but people are able to walk around and see their own property.
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I am a public visitor. Can I bring your goods into the park, and/or bring it out?

You may have a “public” space if the public is able to walk past and have a chance to see some type of commodity that you provide. Or if the park is a designated “public park” where you provide the public with a place where they can enjoy their community activities.

Will you be giving away my photos?

The intent of this permission is to share with the public, both by photographing people and then sharing those images with others for educational purposes. You are not required to share photos and/or materials with any person if you do not wish to. A “public” person who wants to take photographs, but not share them with others or with you is an “outside” photographer who should not take photos with you. We advise people to read our information on photos posted on our website so that they are familiar with our policy regarding photos of guests on the property.

I have a special need for my photos. How can I assist you?

You should contact the agency at the office above to determine how best to arrange or arrange for the use of your photos. The use

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