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How the media’s fake news media was able to tell Trump an outright lie
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The mainstream media is on a “fastball train” of telling Trump blatantly false news.

From the last post:

The first half of the video shows the media misrepresenting what went wrong last November and how the public learned that Hillary Clinton was actually the nominee and the Democratic Party was corrupt, yet the second half shows how the media is doing the same thing this time. They misrepresented how Trump called out Hillary for losing debates and refused to accept the election results.

So the media is telling a Trump lie and the public will see the world through its media frame of reference?

When this happens many people see it as a sign that the media is lying at every opportunity.

This is the first time since Trump became President that the media has admitted to an outright lie as a way to mislead the American people.

The mainstream media’s “fastball train” is moving at full speed – a full lap in a straight line. It seems to be on a different track altogether.

I am not suggesting any specific actions, but I will say that we can expect a significant reduction in the accuracy and content of news that is broadcast to people.

I have written about how the media has been dishonest during the Obama administration. They have consistently misrepresented and misleaded the public on everything from climate change to healthcare.

But they have NEVER been quite as bad as this.

This is the first time that I’m noticing that, for most people, the media is presenting what I call a “bogus frame” of the entire 2016 election.

They are telling a story to convince you that you are the victim.

They are telling you that you should be afraid. They are telling you that you must vote for Trump or Clinton so that the rest of the country can live normal lives and the Democrats’ agenda can be stopped. They are telling you that the media in general, and Fox with Hannity in particular is one giant conspiracy.

They are telling you, “Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!”.

But they’re not telling you the whole truth.

The truth is that the media did what it always does when telling a deliberately false story.

It presented the story that, hey, the truth always comes out. They used to do this during the Bush administration,

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