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The world’s most powerful nation is reportedly considering the use of nuclear weapons against Iran as a counter to the ongoing nuclear talks, according to reports.

The proposal could come as soon as July 11, and according to the Financial Times’ John MacDougall, is being backed by Prime Minister David Cameron, but is not expected to be passed by Parliament before that time, according to an “informed source,” who also revealed the plan on condition of anonymity to the newspaper.

“There’s the option, in principle, that if we don’t get a deal, we are in a nuclear confrontation with Iran and with our major European allies,” former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said in April, according to MacDougall. “There’s nothing wrong with using those weapons if you’re not prepared to get the agreement in the end.”

Cameron is said to be pushing for an air campaign against the Islamic Republic, while Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly considering deploying nuclear-armed cruise missiles in its own air bases in Syria. The move follows recent remarks by Putin who claimed his country had developed a nuclear capability that could destroy the United States during a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama.

“We have developed nuclear weapons with which not to retaliate, if you see why,” Putin said, after the meeting, according to Foreign Policy.

Earlier this month a spokesman for Putin denied the Russian leader was planning to launch an attack on the United States, telling Reuters that the president’s comments “were a bit exaggerated, based on a very brief and informal conversation that he had in May.” Putin has also been quoted as saying “we would never do anything stupid or pointless” and vowed the Kremlin could never use nuclear weapons without being willing to provide “protection to our personnel and infrastructure.”

Meanwhile, an official from the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Vienna office confirmed Monday that no deal on Iran’s nuclear program was imminent.

“Yes, we’re still working around the clock to get the negotiations back on track, even though there’s no agreement yet,” said IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano. He added that it’s up to Iran to decide whether it wants to proceed with the negotiations or not.

“We are talking with Iran but we are not announcing any agreement” Aman

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