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Porsche has confirmed that its two new 911s will be made in Mexico, the first time since it began a program in America to make cars in America at every opportunity.

The new cars – 928 and 928 Turbo – will be made at the assembly plant in Monterrey, Mexico, where the German carmaker already has seven production lines. However, because they’re so tightly packed, Porsche says it will build the cars entirely in the US. Its plant is less than a mile from the border with Arizona.

Porsche is also preparing the next-generation 911 to be built at the factory in Smyrna, Tennessee, which is where 930 Porsche was built since it was first rolled up to the showroom at the California Motor Show in March 2014.

All three new cars are set to go on sale around the world in 2025. While Porsche is announcing this move as part of the ongoing global expansion of its manufacturing, it isn’t the type of move that will bring any job to the US. According to a recent piece in The Wall Street Journal, Porsche is not considering any jobs for the plant in Monterrey.

A spokesperson for Porsche said the company would not comment on who the potential supplier was, just that this new manufacturing move would not bring any new jobs to the US, or that it would “create any new tax liabilities.”

However, it’s a move that’s certainly interesting, since it seems the automaker is starting to consider the possibility that as it ramping up production, it’s more likely to end up in Mexico, where it started its assembly operations, rather than its home market, which might not make sense if it wants to increase capacity there.

And with the new plant in Mexico, Porsche could be ramping up production there faster. Indeed, it has said it could begin operations before the end of the year at its facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Now, we have no idea which company will build the new 911s, since it’s so tightly packed. But one thing is for sure – this won’t be a low-skill job. It will take a lot of skill and time to assemble cars from the first few thousand cars in there.

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