Does Getty Buy photos?

Our goal is to give customers what they need, where they need it, using only the highest quality materials, to the best of our ability. We buy 100% from local suppliers, with the sole goal of using the most environmentally friendly and ethical materials we can find. We’re not the biggest customers in town, but when we do come into the city, we want to bring back those old school shops that have been around for years. We’re so proud of what we’ve built at Getty, as are our customers.

Why can’t I just get a store nearby my apartment and sell?

We believe that great neighborhood stores belong inside an actual community, not on an off-ramp with other competitors. We want to be able to serve our customers in the way that is truly best for our community. Many of us who are in the store don’t want the same things on our shelves every day. If you’re not in your neighborhood, we also offer online.

Where do my store items end up online?

All the stuff that’s in our store is purchased by Getty Local, or by a third party vendor. When you order at Getty, you’re buying directly from Getty Local.

What are you doing about the low end of the market?

We’re constantly on the hunt for new partners of which we feel our customers deserve a more than adequate selection. We’ve partnered with a leading manufacturer that will source everything for you from top-quality materials (in our opinion, the best quality material for all of your needs), in quantities and sizes that will never be out-of-stock, and on-time.

What’s the best way to get on our mailing list?

We’re doing this through one of our customers, and can guarantee that everything you receive from us will be worth the wait. Check out our mailing list to the right and get the inside story on all the new products, our new store openings, how we’re doing at Getty, and everything else you may be interested in.

Why are there so many products on the shelf?

Some of our customers have high volume shops across the city that they keep stocked every Monday night or every Saturday afternoon. We have been so blown away by these great customers that we’re able to offer every type of product imaginable, from food and clothing to accessories and books.

Can I order on a Sunday or a Wednesday?

All orders placed before 2 p.m. Central